Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting Homeschool

Although, my plan last year was to start homeschooling my 3 kids, the eldest in particular, it didn't quite work out like I had envisioned. Some of our lessons and projects did appear here, but the vast majority of them did not. Honestly, I'm jumping into this post without even reading what I wrote previously, so bear with me. AT was going to be in pre-k so I wasn't too stressed about what went awry. We still managed to learn a good deal and she does a lot on her own. Some areas she's beyond kindergarten (or at least at the end of the year level) and others she's coming in right where she's "supposed" to be.
I have the makings of a number of Montessori material going - most of them stalled when I hit some snag or another, as is often the case with me. Sandpaper letters and numerals, fraction circles, flower arranging, 5 senses work, varieties of pouring and transferring, constructive triangles, color cards, 3 part cards and other things to supplement that. I did finally make an order to Adena for items I didn't feel I could make or things that were worth the time and trouble saved to order: both full sets of cylinders, one of the rod sets, brown stair, pink tower, various bead material and some other things I can't recall at the moment.
My younger 2 will be in preschool this year, even though I still don't feel we can fully afford it. I definitely feel like I can't afford to have my attention so divided all day long this year as it's time to officially begin schooling. I will be back here with my projects and links to share. I hope you follow with me, give feedback and maybe even participate either directly or through a little writeup post by me.
Thanks everyone. I'm excited to be back and excited to make the progress I had planned for last year.