Tuesday, November 11, 2008

YES! Paste

I'm mixed on the YES! paste.
First and foremost it didn't wrinkle the paper so that is a big plus for it.

2nd, it easily washed out the the china bristle brush I used to put it on. When using it, I thought I had surely ruined the brush.

3rd it worked better than the glue stick in terms of not drying before I got the paper down - mostly. I had to re-glue about half of the first section (6 cards worth) I did where I put the paste on the paper. And I had to fix 5-7 individual cards of the 40+ that I did. And the next morning 2 more had pulled up a little in the center. However, that is way better than the glue stick.

4th, I could see it beading up on the slick surface of the cereal boxes and I could flake off the overrun from the box. I'm not sure how they'll really hold up, hopefully the mod podge will help. (this also leaves me dubious on their claim to be suitable for glass, metal and the like)

5th, after I already used it, I looked on-line for instructions for dry time and found several reviews of it that said that after as few as 5 years, the paste began to yellow and then turn brown, ruining what ever it was used on. I'm pretty sure the brown will easily bleed through the printer paper so I'm now doubtful if they will last long enough for the baby to use them when he's old enough.