Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plodding along

We're plodding along with school. More along the lines of stereotypical "unschooling", although this is not my aim. It is my natural tendency, but I would like to be slightly more structured. I started a cabinet for M. materials. At the moment it contains, trays and mats, knobbed puzzles, pouring mat'ls, lid/containers, sorting mat'ls, tweezers and tongs, graduated nesting/stacking blocks (our sub for pink tower), spindles, and unfinished work. I'm in the process of making scent and sound cylinders, 3 part cards, florwer arranging, shell identifying, sandpaper letters, constructive triangles, fabric texture activity, maybe others that I'm not thinking about. With all of these I'm stuck on some small detail that I can't accomplish for one reason or another. Even typing about this is difficult to accomplish - everyone including my husband has some demand on my every minute. It's very draining. And off topic. I'm just frustrated.