Monday, August 25, 2008

Tearing Paper

AT's handwork for today was tearing paper in straight lines
We happened to have some scrap paper that was unintentionally printed with a MS Excel document that was outlined.
AT had 3 sheets
Sheet 2: She was told to tear out the rectangle any way she wanted to. After some results that she didn't find satisfactory, she did actually try to fold the paper but didn't fold it on the line, but didn't attempt to tear it.
Sheet 2: I demonstrated how to get the fold where you want it, how to make a soft fold and a hard fold and how to tear on the fold. The hard fold was difficult for her and I had to guide her uncooperative hands for most of it.
Sheet 3: She was instructed to make another hard fold. Then I put a small amount of water in a dish and demonstrated wetting the tip of my finger and running it along a fold and then tearing it. She was quite happy with this method and was very successful.
Sheet 4: Yes, I only gave her 3 sheets. After I photo-ed the first sheets, she got another and leaving it flat, wet her finger and outlined the rectangle. She liked this method best. See, I told you she was true Montessori material! (Please excuse the Proud Momma moment- haha)