Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Water Cycle - 1

I'm not sure how to classify this project, general science, I guess.
Taking a rare opportunity of rain on a warm day without thunder/lightning, the girls played outside with their umbrellas (and without, too). (yes, we stopped the painting project in the middle, but went back to it - this was an opportunity we'd been waiting for)
This is our exchange:
Where is the rain coming from? 2yo-up in the sky 4yo-from the clouds
How does rain get in the clouds? 2yo-I don't know, how? 4yo-from the sea
Yes, from the sea and lots of other places like right here at our house. How does the water get in the clouds from the sea? 4yo-it splashes so high it gets stuck in the clouds
Well, I'm not sure water can splash quite that high. But the sun makes the water evaporate - What does evaporate mean? --- It is when the hot sun makes the water get into little tiny bits and it floats up to the clouds, kind of like steam but not so hot.
follow up a few minutes later: How does water get from the sea into the clouds? 4yo-the sun makes it little and carries it up.
follow up a few minutes later, the wind blew their pictures over, despite tape: The tape isn't working very well because it is so humid out now. What does it mean when I say it is humid outside? --- It means the air is a little wet because of evaporation. What is evaporation? 4yo-when water goes up to the clouds.

I'd been doing things like this before, is this a "Montessori way"? Feed back would be great!